Big Data and the Music Industry

The other day I stumbled across this fascinating article about Big Data & Music Industry about the data being collected about us. One fascinating example of this is how Taylor Swift is collecting data on her fans/concert attendees.  This is no surprise;  artists alone cannot depend on royalties from digital album or song sales for long-term revenue.

The live concerts are an interactive experience that engage fans at a premium price. And fans are willing and paying these premium prices because they expect something from the artist. The data from the LED bracelets can provide useful information on whether a fan likes the way a particular song is performed or has a particular positive or negative reaction to a song played and their engagement with the performance.

The other debate is that all this data is being collected on us and we don’t know how it’s being stored or used. Now that you know Taylor Swift is collecting data on you, what would you want to know about how she and her team are using it? Would you want her to show you in a video clip how she’s analyzing the data and designing her concert experience based on what she’s collected? Or would you rather not know?

Frankly if I were on team T. Swift I would want to know how the data from the bracelets inform the concert experience. What can I expect at her concert?

The Internet of Things could be finding its place in pop music, too. This year, attendees at Taylor Swift’s world tour concerts were provided with LED bracelets controlled through RFID technology that change color and pulse in time with the music. With the music industry relying on live music performances for a growing chunk of its revenue we can expect increasingly creative ways to create new experiences for live audiences.


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