Being a data analytics student at General Assembly

Today I wanted to reflect on my experiences as a student in General Assembly’s Data Analytics certification course. It’s almost ending (:tear:) but my learning journey into data analytics/big data is not over. I had all these thoughts throughout the course and it occurred to me late in the stage to share them until now.

While I dabbled in a few online courses to learn more about data analysis, I chose to pursue the certification for two reasons: structured learning and accountability. For one, having an outline helps me to understand the flow of a curriculum and two: coming to class forces me to learn rather than stop and resume an online course at the comfort of my own home at a pace of who knows when..

Here are my reflections so far on the class:

  • The datasets we worked with in class Air B&B, Iowa State liquor sales, Kickstarter and more were excellent and with real-world applications.
  • Honestly my least favorite dataset was the Mozilla Firefox one (sorry, GA).
  • The pace of the class was good, although I wish there was more time spent on SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • Pre-class assignments would be great to connect and practice what we’re learning
  • also would liked to have case studies to review or analyze in class to help me deepen the learning and analysis. 
  • The caliber of the students in the class is high; the presentations from the first and second assignment were amazing. Definitely learning how data can be presented in many different ways – simply and visually

The class is definitely a great learning experience for anyone curios about data and wanting to sharpen and learn new skills that are relevant and needed in any field. I’ll continue to post reflections about the class to share my experiences and help others decide when if this is something they would want to pursue.

I’m a closeted data geek, for as long as I can remember I had a curiosity about assessment data in higher education, how it was being used, questions about what it means for the future of education. The curiosity brought me to GA and hopefully one that will continue.






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