Statistics and analytics

Statistics..the dreaded subject in class for many of us right? I know and yesterday’s class lesson on basic statistics for analytics had me panicking. Luckily the second time around actually wasn’t bad and made much more sense.

Statistics is so useful and relevant in any field, we need to be able to take the data and interpret its significance and impact. We need the statistics to help us understand the problem we are trying to solve.  And the statistics is helping us look at the spread of the data for a bigger picture of the puzzle.

When I think of statistics, I remember the professor presenting a picture of how the class performed on the midterm like this one:



image source:

Based on this image, most of the students in the class (2/3) received a ‘B’ while a small group received an ‘A’ or ‘C’ and the select few received an ‘A+.’ The range helps us understand how the class performed and can be compared to previous classes to see if one year was better than others.


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