Data visualization in Tableau

Wednesday’s class was a continuation of Tableau. Kudos to the instructor for trying to bring the energy to class, it was definitely low again. Maybe people are burnt out towards the end of the program as we get ready to present our final projects? Personally I was recovering from a cold so it was hard for me to focus and I am definitely an introvert in class, shy about talking.

Tableau is a cool program for visualizations, I love the drag and drop and right click options. It’s like a prettier version of Excel’s pivot tables; seriously who doesn’t love colorful graphics and maps? The awesome part of data visualization is choosing the visual type that really captures the data and the story. We want the story to be conveyed in a manner that’s easy to understand so that individuals can decide whether what’s shown really reflects the data collected.

While we’ve only begun to explore Tableau’s features, I wonder if the drag and drop feature for visualizations is making it too easy to visualize data and taking away the actual thought of analyzing and interpreting the data?



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