San Francisco open data

San Francisco is not the only city to make their data open, NYC and really this should come as no surprise. I decided to do some analysis based on the SFPD Incidents and several things I notice is that the file says data is from 2003-present, updated on a daily basis. However, the actual data file only includes data from 2008-present.

Also, since San Francisco will be moving its data to a new platform the current dataset doesn’t accurately reflect redistricting changes. What does this mean for the data? The data is limited in its value to show insights and the public cannot fully utilize this to present their analysis either.

Here are some insights I gleaned from the dataset:

The number of assaults has risen 13% in 2015 compared with 2008. We can see a slight upward trend in the number of assaults with a slight decline in 2014 and an uptick in 2015. What does this say about safety in San Francisco?





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