Citizen Data Scientists – the next big trend in Data Science?

I’ve been reading about this ‘big data’ movement and this article  titled “How the Citizen Data Scientist Will Democratize Big Data” sparked my interest. To summarize, the article is discussing how companies need an intersection of data scientists and business analysts to segment and analyze the data. One example is how Sears is training its business intelligence department to be Big Data Analysts who can utilize data better to suggest products to its users.

This is an excellent idea in upgrading the Business Intelligence dept skills for the company’s needs. The idea of a Citizen Data Scientist is unique way of upgrading the skills also for the employee’s development. Big data skills will continue to evolve and companies have to find a cost effective and strategic way to leverage the employee’s skills quickly to improve their ROI and product.

At the same time, technology is changing rapidly each day and it is more effective to train existing employees to develop the skills than to hire and teach new people right?

What do you think of the Citizen Data Scientist term?




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