Data analytics a business, not technology issue

The title comes from this Forbes article  where CIOS are talking about big data as a business issue rather than technology issue. This is another great discussion related to big data; most of the time articles are discussing tools and the amount of data but let’s look at the business side for a minute.

The task of gleaning insights and value from data “requires new hybrid teams and roles that understand the business, as well as how and where to find the data that creates competitive advantage.” Big data for many businesses has long been the responsibility of the IT team, however that idea is limited now as the people working on gleaning insights will have input into the data storage as well as leaders/executives who may have a different perspective too. Therefore, the hybrid team makes sense so that all stakeholders can share their input into the process.

Also, as more and more individuals on teams will need access to the data, transferring storage to a cloud based platform makes more sense. Ultimately though, a decision on data storage and analytics will depend on the organization’s size, the amount of data collected and future needs as well as goals.


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