Making Big data more nurturing than creepy

Big data is a hot topic these days from predictive insights such as the next movie blockbuster, hit single and or when a person is pregnant but let’s discuss and explore big data as nurturing than creepy.

This article really caught my eye, Less Big Brother More Big Mother: Three Ways To Use Big Data To Enhance Customer Experience as they give case studies of how the nurture is demonstrated in different companies. Starbucks, Amazon and Stitch Fix are all examples of how you can bring the nurture to the customer experience. Stitch Fix sends you clothes based on your budget and style, you return the clothes you don’t want. This helps them understand your preferences and tailor your next shipment accordingly to meet your needs as a customer.

Starbucks is another example of being ahead of the curve with adopting mobile payments. They adopted pay by phone early on when recognizing how busy their stores can get and a system to sync the customer’s purchases and the gold stars in one transaction.

These examples highlight examples of how to integrate big data with the customer experience to humanize the approach. We need to remember the goal is to better serve our customers for retention and loyalty and grow our brand.


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