Big data continues to dominate higher education

In my previous post, I talked about opportunities for higher education leaders to tackle big data challenges. A recent article highlighted how University of Nevada Las Vegas is taking on the issue with the creation of the Institute for Big Data. This is exciting for the institution as they recognize the need to be ahead of the game when they are behind.

With this institute, the institution aims to utilize the data to prepare students for the workforce teaching them the many uses of the data. Some researchers at UNLV have already used this data approach by studying aspects of fracking or even in medical research.

Teaching students the skills to analyze data could lead to more trained data professionals that can run insights and make predictions useful for local businesses. This can fill the gap in local areas and teach students useful skills that can be applied to any industry and job.

With the growing need for data scientists, adding a program and track at colleges to prepare students for the workforce is crucial and strategic. It provides a direct career path for students and key skills for many job prospects or personal projects. This will help prospective students make an early decision about major and career that could save them time and money.



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